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I often see many clients who feel they have already tried everything to resolve their issues. I relish the opportunity to work with these individuals and make a difference. I focus on cause, effect and empowering the clients to move beyond their problems.

I believe that many issues can be resolved quickly and permanently and do not subscribe to the idea that dozens of appointments are needed to bring about lasting change.


Every client is different and I use a number of techniques and approaches to help them including; Hypnotherapy, Strategic Coaching, NLP, CBT and other therapeutic strategies.


I am very clear that throughout the process that I am helping clients help themselves. I challenge all of them to commit to this process, empowering them with the idea they always have a choice.


The volume of referral business I see is testimony to the efficacy of my work with clients, many of whom have explored many other therapeutic avenues before contacting my office.

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