An Evening With Adam & Anthony – Getting Excited About The Hypnosis Convention

I was very honoured to have been invited along to Adam Easons peer group meeting being held in Bournemouth yesterday evening, especially as it featured one of my favourite hypnotists Anthony Jacquin as the guest speaker. With the drive being over two and a half hours away and knowing that Adam has a reputation to lure people down with the promise of gin, I booked a hotel, rearranged the couple of free appointments I had scheduled for today (if other hypnotists are reading this make that twelve appointments at five hundred quid a pop) and headed down.

I had never visited Bournemouth before yesterday and though it was very much a whistle stop visit, have made a mental note to mention to the wife that it should go on the shortlist for our next kid-free dirty weekends away she likes to arrange as often as possible.

I walked in and was warmly met by Adam and Anthony who looked remarkably fresh faced for someone only recently returned from his sixth festival this summer. It was a great turnout too, as I guess you would expect for a speaker who has been asked back for a second time and the room was full to capacity, with everyone seeming very friendly.

I am a big fan of Anthony’s book ‘Reality is Plastic’ and it is one of the few hypnosis related titles on the recommended reading list that I discuss with my students on their first morning of training. What you sometimes fail to lift from the pages of a book is the modesty and candidness of the author, so it is always nice to hear them speak in person and in the case of Anthony last night, I found his curiosity and openness regarding hypnosis and his own personal beliefs refreshing.

Because this was his second trip down, he wanted to give the audience something new and after sharing his views on what hypnosis was and wasn’t, he discussed his own continuing journey of discovery, how he had begun exploring new boundaries and how he was looking at the spiritual relationship with hypnosis, the mind and ones self identity.

Afterwards a dinner reservation for four, quickly quickly turned into needing a table for fourteen and we all headed to a nearby mexican (perfectly positioned smack bang opposite my hotel!). What some people don’t realise is that Anthony is as capable a magician as he is a hypnotist and so he entertained the table with a number clever tricks while Adam and I hypnotised ourselves using the corona and tequila induction (never fails).


As Anthony entertained with one trick after another…


Adam and myself made a whole tray of tequila disappear!

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and it was nice to spend some quality time with two individuals and a group who all clearly have a passion for their profession and the broader topic of hypnosis. As I sat and enjoyed the looks of bemusement on the faces of those around the table as Anthony performed one trick after another and as I discussed with Adam both the topic of hypnosis and the numerous guests he has had on his blog who will be speaking at the upcoming convention, I felt a tinge of excitement and expectation that when we all get together at the end of October, the event is going to be just as every bit as good as I have hoped.

img_0859 img_0861

All three of us will be speaking over the course of two days as part of a total lineup packed with fellow speakers (over thirty) just as entertaining and just as passionate about their own chosen subjects and I am in no doubt whatsoever that for those of you that have bought tickets – you are in for a treat and those of you that have chosen not to – you’re going to miss out on something special!

Adam teased with a few hints as to the content of his keynote address, stopping short of spoiling any surprises, but enough to get me sweating a little that he’s going to turn dinner into a wild-west saloon fight and it was praise indeed when Anthony, who has previous experience in putting on Hypnosis Conferences with his hugely popular Change Phenomena events, complimented me on the lineup I have managed to put together, individually praising and endorsing a number of his fellow presenters and expressing a genuine excitement to hear a number of them speak.

Sometimes even confident and ambitious people need a little reassurance that they have made the right choices and followed the right path and last night was a big endorsement that I have. Any remaining and lingering doubts were laid to rest when I saw how much thirty plus people at a peer group meeting were enjoying hearing from two of the convention presenters.

Imagine how happy those that have chosen to listen to thirty five high calibre presenters are going to be this October!

We will be announcing the 2017 dates very soon- Don’t leave it too late booking up this years!






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