This term relates to all physical areas and issues that can be treated with hypnosis such as pain management, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammations in general, pre- and postoperative preparation and follow-up recuperation, hastening healing of post operative wounds, supplementation of medication, reduction or supplementation of anaesthetics and/or drugs, dental medicine and many more.

Significant physical changes can occur during hypnosis and furthermore, studies have demonstrated that the level of stress hormones in the blood such as cortisol are reduced significantly. This overall relaxation can already contribute to the physical improvement or healing of the complaint. Therefore, hypnosis can be used as an alternative to anaesthesia in medicine, mainly in dental offices or with pain-free childbirth. Due to its positive effect on the human body as therapeutic measure, hypnosis is also applied with pain therapy. When using hypnosis for pain reduction or as alternative to anaesthesia, always seek out hypnotherapists who specialise in these areas and who have experience in working with clients on such issues. However for low level discomfort and pain management, effeective self hypnosis can be taught to the client.

Medical hypnotherapy includes the use of psychological insight, those insights often helping to choose the right approach fro suggestion work so that the issues can be solved in the most appropriate way. These solutions may come from the patient or from the therapist. 


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