Last Advanced Hypnosis Training Blog – At Least For Some Time

It’s official – I’ve decided to put the hobbyist part of my work to sleep, if not permanently, at least for some time. In 2017 ‘Advanced Hypnosis Training Ltd’ will be wound down, leaving my own website and company in it’s place (NICK EBDON) from which I will offer client services and continue to blog.

I will be focusing on consulting client work ( and the UK Hypnosis Convention as we progress through the year) and not offering any more certification training, or indeed any workshops or CPD courses except for the (nearly edited and finalised…) Trading the Subconscious workshop.

Even in the second half of last year, the plan for this year was to re-brand what I do under my own name at some point and drop the generic name and I thought a good way to do this in the interim was to create a School of Advanced Hypnosis Training and the coaching websites and drop this website.

The training plan however had a few drawbacks – foremost of which was that, being completely honest, I didn’t think the quality of what I had to offer was up to scratch, or leaps and bounds better than some of the training that is already out there. I even spent a lot of time, often to the detriment of my client work, writing ‘new’ training only to decide it just sounded like the same old shit repackaged slightly differently. 

Now I don’t want to give people I have trained in the past the idea that the training they received from me was, as a result, somehow substandard, in fact quite the opposite – I think what former students got from me went above and beyond what formed the syllabus of the certifying organisations I was training them for. But I continually found myself in the awkward situation of not being wholly congruent with what I was teaching them and it niggled persistently within. This persistent unease prompted me to sever ties in an amicable fashion with some of the training organisations and set aside a lot of time (and financial expense) to begin to develop my own new training certification programmes.

The new training just mentioned, which I attempted to write in response to this lack of congruency, either offered up very little new material with regards to teaching a core framework (there is some great stuff out there as I said), or for the stuff I am very congruent with, in other words the stuff I use every day successfully, did not translate into classroom material in a way I was happy with or I believed could be easily applied by students. 

So there you have it, the quality of the material became the first drawback with regards to having something to teach and the training getting initial traction.

The second problem I began to realise needed addressing was the question of – What was I prepared to do to get students in? With the obvious honest answer being – far less than most other people in this profession. 

Since I have been working with people resolving issues and helping them in their personal development, there have always been plenty of things I have found somewhat cringey in what many in the profession are prepared to say and do to sell the processes they use and their overall effectiveness, or the vigour in which they rubbish other contrary or alternative models of therapy they do not subscribe to themselves.

The situation is no different when it comes to a lot of the training being offered in hypnosis and NLP. Much of what is being marketed seems to me to be misrepresentation of the content of the training, the originality of the training, the efficacy of the skills being taught, the realistic money the average student will earn once those skills have been taught (or will ever earn without becoming trainers themselves) and the money the trainers themselves earn outside of selling themselves and their ‘stuff’. The plain uncomfortable truth is that most trainers have far too much time on their hands when they’re not training, something which is all too apparent courtesy of the public microscope that is social media. They may tell you that they’ve helped fifty thousand people and see forty clients a week but the reality is that is simply not true for virtually everyone in the profession. I haven’t even regained my critical mass of clients since I let it slide more than I should to focus on other things including the aforementioned research and writing. I for one could do with a little less time on my hands and it’s my unwillingness to give the impression to the contrary which told me I will probably always be a little shit at marketing my training.

Now I have admitted that to myself and others I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Another incentive for dropping the training and in due course the name, beyond my struggle to materially write something I was truly happy with and my even bigger struggle to sell it to prospective students, was that I actually feel a little relieved and freer being less part of something. 

I thought for a long time that it was the natural career progression for me and something I wanted to do and should be doing, but now I understand the real underlying motivations for many others following the same path, it has become a path I feel nothing but relief to be stepping away from.

That may sound to some like sour grapes as a result of not getting a comparable number of students to other trainers and thats fine, I don’t mind if people want to think it, because I am much happier in the knowledge that there are somethings I was simply not capable of doing or prepared to do. The proof is in the pudding and the positive response I have got over the last couple of months from mentors and friends when I informed them of my decision and the very real feeling of relief I am now experiencing from no longer trying to be that which I am not, tells me everything I needed to know.

The biggest personal lesson for me is I guess, don’t try and be something you are not and listen to that inner voice or those feelings of unease and in trader speak – know when and where your stop loss is, trigger it and don’t look back.

Like so many loss cutting experiences in my trading past, it has turned out to be the absolute right thing to do.

So there you have it, for the rest of 2017 I am head down, expanding the client work, doing more corporate work and planning a bigger and better convention for all in November. 

There are still plenty of good trainers out there, many I am fortunate to call friends and who, despite being less handsome, funny, charismatic and charming as yours truly, are churning out regularly good solid hypnotherapists and hypnotists in their classes. 

In the mean time, feel free to check out the website that focusing entirely on the client work:


or if you haven’t done so already, book your tickets for the UK Hypnosis Convention – an event I can now say with total and utter conviction is held without any organisational and training school bias and the one true hypnosis convention on behalf of the profession!



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