Living is Giving – Advanced Hypnosis & Crisis at Christmas


Living is Giving – Advanced Hypnosis & Crisis at Christmas

So. I’m having a shit week. I think i’ve gone through every negative emotion and feeling there is; Boredom, despondency, irritation, frustration, distrust and plain and simple anger and as the week has gone on, I’ve just got more pissed off. Problems with work, problems with the new office, problems with organising things, problems with being let down and certain ongoing problems that need my attention and therefore serve as a constant irritation and distraction.

Now and in the past, I have always had a number of ‘tells’ that alert me to my own stress. These ‘tells’ can range from some or all of the feelings previously described such as boredom and frustration, they can appear as uncharacteristic negative self-talk, or a dead giveaway tell is when I catch myself fantasising about slowly murdering certain people (that last one was a joke…….or was it?).

Of all my own personal stress flags though, catching myself holding my breath is always the line in the sand for me. In a recent class James Tripp commented ‘we focus on the breath because the breath can only exist in the moment’, a quote he attributed to his meditation teacher and it struck a chord with me as I always find breathing is an incredibly powerful tool for self regulation. This week I clearly have not been existing in the moment at all, but rather existing in the negative narrations churning through my ill-focused mind.

When I realised that the line in the sand had been crossed numerous times this week, I decided I needed to take some positive action. I just needed to come up with a plan.

Many of you may know that because of premises leases and other work commitments, the last month or so has been the biggest lull I have had in seeing clients in probably the last three years (although if anyone asks on any Facebook hypnosis forums i’ve been seeing fifty clients a day, eight days a week – that seems to be the normal M.O for the modern (ahem) hypnotist…..). I’ve actually been in the unfortunate and rather unenviable position of having to refer, or turn clients away. As a result of a few unknowns I have been gingerly letting people know its business as usual but have not been able to do so with any conviction. Even this week (and this is one of the reasons for feeling crap) I have not been able to honour the appointments and commitments I was hoping to.

Trying to put a positive spin on it though, it does mean that, from a time perspective, I do at least have a certain degree of flexibility with regards to being able to implement the positive plan I have decided upon.

Before I outline the plan, firstly let me cover something I have covered in the past so everyone can get up to speed on how I work with my clients.

An approach that frames much of the hypnosis and coaching work that I do is that of Tony Robbins Human Needs Psychology. HN psychology works on the premise that we all have six human needs (four basic and two spiritual) that when met positively will lead to a fulfilling and balanced life, but when not met or when met negatively, will cause us problems. The two spiritual needs, the need for growth and the need to contribute beyond ourselves are higher level needs and will lead to a deeper and more powerful level of fulfilment.

When I see clients in a rut I encourage and coach them to explore how they could constructively engage and fulfil these two higher needs, and the need for contribution and giving beyond oneself generally scores a big bullseye when even the most stuck client finds a way to fulfil it. Therefore on a personal level, I too often use it as a resource to drag me out of moments of negativity. This was going to be the driving factor behind giving myself a much need kick up the arse.

I do have to give Tony Robbins further credit for inspiring me and planting the idea in my head, thanks to a video of his I watched this morning as I wallowed in the bath. I encourage you to spend five minutes watching the video ‘living is giving’ that can be found HERE. The video goes some way towards explaining his beliefs about contribution and it certainly created that light bulb moment for me when I needed some inspiration.

So to perk myself up and with a little time on my hands I have decided to do something that will help others and therefore give me a little lift just in time for Xmas, before I descend further into the role of Ebdonezer Scrooge.

So here is the plan.

Any clients who make a booking in December for any hypnotherapy or coaching sessions (including those that will be scheduled for January) will pay their fee directly to Crisis at Christmas.  To make the offer even more enticing I am lowering my advertised fees for any bookings made this month and will be charging £75 for hourly and £140 for two hourly sessions. Just make a payment for the session via my JUSTGIVING LINK, put my name or Advanced Hypnosis in the comments as reference and you can then schedule an appointment by emailing quoting reference ‘Crisis at Christmas’.

Furthermore, if any other therapists or coaches want to get in on the action, all they need to do is set your own fee, give the Just Giving link HERE, instruct the client to put their name (the therapist) as a comment and they can offer the same thing too.

For facts on homelessness in the UK, check out the info HERE.


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