Become A Hypnotherapist In Just 8 Days

Certified By The World's Oldest & Largest Hypnosis Organisation

The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.


We are very pleased that you are considering becoming a hypnotherapist. Whether a positive experience with hypnotherapy has made you choose a new full or part time career path, or you are simply learning it as a valuable adjunct to an existing profession, one thing is for sure - few professions are as interesting or rewarding as hypnotherapy. Becoming a truly successful hypnotherapist is more than just understanding the techniques and therapeutic processes; it is helping people change their lives for the better and as a result we make sure all our students have a complete and thorough understanding of the all their responsibilities as hypnotherapists.

This innovative programme is designed to give the participants a thorough working understanding of hypnotherapy. Our focus at Advanced Hypnosis Training is to give every student a valuable balance of practical and theoretical learning and upon completion all students will have the tools and confidence needed to be successfully practice hypnotherapy. To do this we keep the class numbers limited, encouraging all the participants to contribute interact and develop their own skills and knowledge throughout the process.


This qualification is the first of the two modules needed to achieve the ‘Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma’ – our highest level qualification externally assessed and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council in the UK. Completion of both modules means you will become eligible to join the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Hypnosis in Practice

From the first day our students will experience being hypnotised and hypnotising others. We want our students to be congruent with the skills they will be using to help others and therefore encourage learning by practice throughout the experience. By the end of the course students will be competent and confident hypnotists, able to use a range of hypnosis inductions and therapeutic approaches.

NGH Certification

At the core of this qualification is the NGH syllabus which students will receive in the form of two workbooks. Many established hypnotherapists around the world have started their successful careers following NGH certification. We have taken this core structure and developed it further by adding elements of NLP, CBT, psychology and other hypnosis related information not covered in the NGH curriculum.

Highly Qualified Trainer

Your course tutor, Nick Ebdon is not only a NGH Certified Trainer and Board Certified Hypnotist and GHR Acknowledged Supervisor, but was the first to bring live certification classes to the UK on behalf of OMNI Hypnosis, the globally respected hypnosis training organisation. In addition Nick is a trainer of NLP, holds qualifications in CBT and runs a successful hypnotherapy and coaching practice from offices in Kent and the City of London.

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. 

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

All students will be provided with the following:

  • The full NGH Training Manual (Workbook One & Two)
  • Additional supplementary course notes, inductions and scripts from the NGH
  • A pendulum
  • Marketing DVD's
  • various other cds/dvd's to help you in your practice

Additional material from Advanced Hypnosis Training, including:

The NLP Handbook / Smoking & Weightloss Programmes / How to Run Six Hour Self Hypnosis Workshop / Don Mottin’s ‘Everything CD’

What You Will Learn In Eight Days

With other 300 pages of NGH core curriculum and additional material accumulated from further training, resources and actual hands-on experience, students will be presented with an intensive and extensive syllabus. However it is the pace of the classes and the high level of practical experience that ensures us that by the end of our eight days together, we have exactly the right balance of confidence, competence and technical know-how.

Below are just some of the topics which will be covered in class:

  • What is hypnosis
  • Suggestibility and Your Clients
  • Influences of Hypnosis
  • Cautions of Hypnosis
  • History of hypnosis
  • How to Hypnotise
  • Trance Depth
  • Suggestion Management
  • The Conscious and the Subconscious
  • The Human Brain and the Autonomic System
  • Mechanical Aids past and present
  • Additional Induction
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Miscellany in Hypnosis
  • Pain and Anaesthesia Control
  • Ethical Standards – from NGH to UK organisations
  • Session Structure
  • Information Gathering and Behavioural Assessment
  • Goal Setting and Strategies
  • Key questionnaires and interviews including; general, weight loss and smoking pre-talks
  • Image Psychology and Hypnosis
  • Additional Scripts and Techniques
  • Overview of NLP Modelling, Patterning and Techniques
  • Overview Of Other Psychological Approaches
  • Complete Smoking Cessation Programme
  • Complete Weight Loss Programme
  • Complete Stress Management Programme
  • How to Run a Self-Hypnosis Course
  • Age Regression
  • Your Hypnotherapy Practice

You will also be able to become a registered member of the CRSST (Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists) as you will be trained to provide specialist smoking cessation programmes.

*Save a total of £500 when booking both modules and enrolling on our highest level qualification.

NGH Certificate in Hypnotherapy

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Advanced Hypnosis Training Ltd - Advanced Practitioner Certification

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Advanced Hypnosis Training Ltd - Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner Diploma

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Our Training Facilities

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