Research, Training & Development

I am constantly striving to improve the efficacy of the therapy I provide and to continue to develop my training and the resources available to my students. As a result I will be periodically be looking for subjects - offering them generous incentives to become part of my research and case studies. I am also open to work alongside medical and health professionals and to involve them in the process.


Offering free sessions allows us to research different variations of presenting problems and test a number of strategies and approaches to dealing with them.


By targeting specific clients and their problems via the offer of free sessions, we are able to continually develop a competence in areas we have little exposure to.

Training Resources

There is a clear difference between classroom demonstrations and seeing real therapy take place. Offering clients incentives allows us to film and record sessions for training.

Release Form for Media Recording

For The Purpose of Developing Research & Training Material

A therapy session is a collaboration between therapist and client with both parties making a commitment to the process. In an instance, such as our research programmes, where there is no financial commitment from the client, we ask our clients to sign a media release form, giving Advanced Hypnosis Training Ltd. the right to take photographs, videotape, or digital recording for purposes explained to them beforehand.


View and download a copy of my media release form (Ebdon UK Ltd)