Living is Giving – Advanced Hypnosis & Crisis at Christmas

Living is Giving – Advanced Hypnosis & Crisis at Christmas So. I’m having a shit week. I think i’ve gone through every negative emotion and feeling there is; Boredom, despondency, irritation, frustration, distrust and plain and simple anger and as the week has gone on, I’ve just got more pissed off. Problems with work, problems with the new[…]

An Evening With Adam & Anthony – Getting Excited About The Hypnosis Convention

I was very honoured to have been invited along to Adam Easons peer group meeting being held in Bournemouth yesterday evening, especially as it featured one of my favourite hypnotists Anthony Jacquin as the guest speaker. With the drive being over two and a half hours away and knowing that Adam has a reputation to lure[…]

The Benefits of Despair

One of the greatest pleasures I have doing my job is being able to help people escape their feelings of desperation and despair. Many therapists will tackle acute feelings of sadness and desperation on a very superficial level, adopting a protocol or process that in the case of many of their clients, will only work[…]

To Script Or Not To Script? – That Is The Question

I have noticed another wave of posts on social media forums discussing(sic) the rights and wrongs of using scripts in a hypnotherapy practice and witnessed the all too familiar pattern of seeing the discussions descend into unpleasantness as both sides of the argument dismiss the others opinions. For those of you reading this that are not completely[…]