Two Months To Go – The UK Hypnosis Convention 2016

This was the first in recent years that I have not attended the NGH conference in Marlborough, Masachussetts as it unavoidably clashed with my family holiday. I enjoy going to the conference as not only does it give all those in attendance the chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones, but it also allows us in the hypnotherapy profession to learn something new and see different perspectives to our work.

It was great to see my friend Hansruedi Wipf collect an award recognising his and OMNI Hypnosis’s contributions to the hypnosis profession and it was a shame that I couldn’t be there to see him pick it up in person. Many of the OMNI instructors are also NGH Board Certified hypnotists and instructors and they would have been there in healthy numbers to give Hans plenty of support. A number of friends were also presenting for the first time there so it was doubly frustrating to not have been able to attend this year, though two weeks in the Florida sunshine was a very pleasant alternative!

Following the NGH’s convention, it was then the turn of HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas, a modern and exciting hypnosis convention that has become incredibly successful in a relatively short space of time thanks to a dynamic and high energy approach to ‘conferencing’ and a formidable array of presenters from all over the world in attendance.

In many respects these two conventions set the standard for other hypnosis conventions around the world: Pre and Post Convention Workshops and having concurrent presentations running to give attendees freedom to choose who they wish to listen to and when.

This successful and popular approach to managing industry conventions has been emulated by the folks in Switzerland and Europe over recent years and for the first time in the UK, will be the blueprint for the UK Hypnosis Convention in London, Canary Wharf at the end of October.

The original NGH template of pre and post classes, simultaneous speakers and Saturday night dinner combined with the ‘open to all’ – regardless of association or training school HypnoThoughts approach is certainly in my opinion a great way to run a convention. Initially it is a bigger gamble as you need a larger facility and therefore larger initial outlay, but as the aforementioned conferences have proven, it is an approach that gains traction and quickly becomes both popular and successful.

The original intention was to run two conventions over consecutive weekends with the UK Hypnosis Convention leading onto the Hypnosekongress convention this year being held in Berlin. This was to give speakers and presenters working both, the easiest way to travel and schedule their timetables. Unfortunately this year it meant that not only did it conflict with the Canadian Hypnosis Convention, but we clashed with another UK organisations function, which was regrettable but for the first year at least, unavoidable. We know that this has left many frustrated that they have not been able to attend this year because they have committed themselves elsewhere, but we have assured them and the organisers of the other event, that there will be no scheduling clashes in the future.

So who should attend the UK Hypnosis Convention and why?

Firstly, any already qualified hypnotists, hypnotherapists, NLP’ers, change workers and other therapists who want to add knowledge and technique to their existing skills should definitely attend. We have over thirty intelligent, articulate, entertaining and knowledgeable speakers sharing their experience and expertise over the course of the weekend and regardless of the level of training you already have, there will be something for everyone there.

Secondly, anyone interested in hypnosis or considering it or coaching as a profession will be guaranteed to get the hypnosis bug during the weekend of the convention. We have speakers who have presented at this years NGH and HypnoThoughts Live (some of them both!) and who have recognised this as the the UK’s equivalent flying in to be presenters throughout the weekend, as well as those hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the UK who I consider to be amongst the very best in the country, all under one roof later this year.

Lastly it is going to be fun, despite the abundance of expertise and knowledge on offer, the convention will not be taking itself too seriously. Not only will many of the presentations be light, I will set the tone during my address on the Saturday morning and with the bar open throughout the day, with so many big personalities available throughout and an exciting Saturday night dinner planned, all should have a great and memorable time.

Ultimately it is about making friends, promoting the profession, encouraging tolerance and diversity and enjoying what is a remarkable subject.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


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